I am a Christian, who wants to share the beauty and love of Jesus though the sharing of our stories, to pray and encourage one another to know more of Christ’s healing love and compassion, even in the most messy of circumstances.

My husband Colin Gardner, a veteran, died in April 2018 after a long fight with disability and trauma. As a family we tried our best to support him, but he really struggled in finding meaning in his life. His primary identity was as a military person, and although he loved his family, and had many interests, he kept going over traumatic memories, and often spoke of them so much, we all felt as if we had gone through them with him.

In June 2019, I went to the annual trauma conference in Boston, with Bessel van Der Kolk, and learned so much there about how trauma impacts on the organic brain and body. Dr Bruce Perry was another of the speakers, and their writings and talks have helped me understand a little more what can happen to people from a neuroscience angle, and possible ways to find greater healing and peace.

I am incredibly grateful for all who have travelled with us on this ongoing journey, family and friends, people who have prayed and shown patience, and organisations who have been understanding and supportive. As a community, may we all show compassion and grace to one another, even in the most messy of circumstances.