Rewinding the tape……

A snowy scene….

When I had a few days away, I was so drawn to snow. I just love the look of it on the mountains, and the crispness of the air. It felt so clean.

As I reflected on this, I was reminded of the words in psalm 51 verse 7:

‘Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean, wash me and I will be whiter than snow.’

I am beginning to realise that I am older, and that I have been through so many experiences, and accumulated so many memories. Some I wouldn’t be without, for these memories are cherished, but others are really difficult and poignant. I go over them often in my thoughts, and they come unbidden to my mind.

And so part of me craves that cleansing that the psalmist speaks of, that God would cleanse me of my sin- my dark thoughts and grumbles, and also of sad and traumatic memories. It would be lovely to have a new start, without the weight of all the mistakes and regrets of the past.

Our past mistakes have ongoing consequences, and we cannot escape these. Heartbreak and painful experiences also leave their scars. It would be wonderful to rewind the tape, and have a second chance…….

I guess that we learn from every experience, however dark, so they all have a purpose. We wouldn’t be the people we are, without all the experiences that formed us, however hard they are. We pray that God would help us learn from each one, and bring healing, so that we in turn can listen to and support others. At times it seems a high cost to pay. However when we think of our Saviour, and his death on the cross, to bring us cleansing, forgiveness and healing, our negative experiences are put into perspective. Out of painful experiences, love brings possibilities of grace.

Gracious God, sometimes we are haunted by difficult memories that replay in our minds, past mistakes and regrets. For Jesus’ sake, please cleanse us, and make us white as snow. Set us free from all that entangled us and weighs us down, and may your holy spirit remind us that your mercies are new every morning, so great is your faithfulness. If we can’t rewind the tape, may we at least have a new opportunity each morning, to decide to live each new day following You Lord Jesus, and sharing your forgiving and extravagant love with all, Amen.