“The Sleeping warrior” Arran.

A vision of harmony!

I have been so blessed to have had some time out with family in a sunny place. I realise how very much I have missed opportunities just to rest and be, in a warm climate. I have especially enjoyed the light here, the amazing variety of colours in the sunsets, and last night the moon … Continue reading A vision of harmony!

A wistful emptiness

Today would have been Colin’s birthday. The date is etched in my soul forever. But what happens when the person is no longer here? For most people, it is just another date in the calendar- of no special significance. Yet for the people left behind, you are marking the date with the key person missing. … Continue reading A wistful emptiness

Anger and advocacy!

At times in today’s world, the danger is that we can feel a little numb, a little detached. Sometimes however, we can allow ourselves to feel- to hear another person’s story, and in our imagination to feel we are going through it with them, and to identify with their emotions. It could be listening to … Continue reading Anger and advocacy!

Poignant celebrations.

I feel so very privileged to celebrate my son’s birthday at the weekend. It was a lovely day, of being able to meet up with some family and friends. After so many days of not being able to meet because of all the covid restrictions, it is so appreciated to see real people again, and … Continue reading Poignant celebrations.

The gift of water…..

In Glasgow we often don’t appreciate water. It often pours from the sky when it is least wanted, breaking your umbrella, soaking through your jacket, and making your feet cold and soggy. Only the reflection of street lights in puddles make it bearable! Yet the gift of water is amazing, whether it is the gurgling … Continue reading The gift of water…..

Sunset reflections.

Sometimes I forget to slow down. I try to do too many things, I am always trying to catch up. So one evening this week, I decided just to sit and watch the sun go down. It couldn’t be hurried, so I just sat and waited and reflected. It was a gorgeous still evening, with … Continue reading Sunset reflections.


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