Fireworks and a broken ankle!

Beautiful but problematic…

It is the season of Fireworks here in the UK. Guy Fawkes day and the 5th November are here. People often go to events where fireworks are let off, and make gorgeous colourful patterns of light in the sky. They can be spectacular!

However the other side of this, is that the noises and loud bangs can cause many problems. We know that for many dogs and cats, they are nervous or frightened, and they need a lot of soothing to get through it. There are music channels for pets, and sometimes they need medication.

For some humans too, firework season can be a nightmare, especially for veterans. My late husband Colin was a veteran, and the loud bangs and noises from fireworks could make him think he was under attack. One time, many years after his active service, he went to put the bin out, and the noise of a firework made him hit the ground fast, and he broke his ankle as a result. We sometimes forget that our traumatised veterans can be adversely affected by the sound of fireworks.

It is good to pray for all who are nervous or who have suffered trauma, in the days round about Guy Fawkes and around Remembrance. There are so many triggers, and difficult memories. We pray for safe places for people to talk, for effective therapies and understanding communities, especially for those who are distressed or have experienced trauma.

The verse from psalm 9 verse 9 seems appropriate: ‘The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, and a stronghold in times of trouble.’

Gracious Lord, You see all those who are struggling this day, pets who are worried and anxious because of the noises, veterans startled and hypervigilant because of the sounds of fireworks. Lord Jesus, may people choose to use silent fireworks, so that others are not harmed by the noise. And may You protect people and be their Stronghold, especially veterans in this season, and may the balm of Gilead bring them healing and peace. May pet owners make special provision for their pets also. May your holy spirit be at work in ways beyond our imagining, to protect the vulnerable, and to comfort those who are troubled, In Jesus name, Amen