Possibilities of peace…

Taking a moment…..

I wonder how your Christmas 2022 is looking. It has been another topsy-turvy year, with so many changes in every aspect of life, whether the war in the Ukraine, or the rise in prices, economic pain and strikes. Financial pressures cause family strain too, and we seem to be adapting all the time. It can be overwhelming.

We put ourselves under pressure too, hoping for everything to go well over Christmas. We want the food to be good, presents to be right for that individual, for everyone to get on. But with the best will in the world, it just isn’t always like that.

Sometimes in the midst of it all, we just need to draw breath. We cannot make everything ok, but we can find peace in the Christmas message. That first Christmas was far from ideal, a long journey, no where to stay, giving birth amongst the animals. But all these things were nothing in comparison with the long awaited Messiah, the Son of God being born. Imagine hearing his first cry in the night, and knowing he was finally here. What a miracle, what joy and peace.

So in the midst of our stresses and busyness, may we take a moment to breath, and to ask God to fill us with His peace, the deep peace that comes from.the Prince of Peace, and then we know that all will be well.

Gracious Father, You sent Your precious Son into this world, to rescue us from sin and darkness, to bring us into your wonderful kingdom of light and love.

We are often restless and stressed, trying to do too much over Christmas. Forgive us. May we let go of what is unimportant, and to focus on the good and the inspirational. Even though the empty chair brings much sadness, may we find courage. Help us pause, and to find peace.

Holy child, Jesus Christ, king of Kings, may your birth bring us a deep peace that can come only from the Prince of peace, the deep peace of the running wave and the flowing air, of the quiet earth and the shining stars. May the peace of the Christ child be in your hearts and homes this Christmas and always, Amen.

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