Getting off the merry-go-round!

Spinning around and around!

Life can just go by so quickly. There is so much to do, phone calls to make, deadlines to meet. It can feel so very busy, that we cannot catch our breath. Modern life can feel so pressured.

Recently, I have so enjoyed having time off, with some beautiful friends, beach walks, gorgeous food, catching up, trying to put the world to rights. Just being, is such a relief, enjoying slower rhythms of life, that seem so much more healthy and natural.

A new dawn each day.

So the question is, how to integrate these patterns into daily life after times of holiday? It could be a walk before work, a new devotional routine, more intentional self care, time to listen to music. Once we have time out, we want to keep something of that peace, once back at work. We might intentionally focus on an inspiring book.or podcast, and have an hour of reading and reflection. It could be spending time with the psalms, or listening to God, and reorientating ourselves about our purpose. These times are central to our wellbeing, and nurture our souls.

Taking time that time to reflect, to pause, to gain perspective on our lives, and to take stock, is core for our personal journey. We see our lives more clearly, the things to celebrate, and the things that are bothering us. We then notice the things that we want to embrace, and the things to let go. We pray for the ability to trust, to listen, and find guidance for the road ahead. I remember the verse in Isaiah ‘I will keep in perfect peace, those whose mind is steadfast because they trust in You.’ Isaiah 26: 3 – whatever our circumstances are, may we be steadfast in our devotion to our Lord, and have times of stillness, and of prayerful reflection, and find peace.

Eternal Father, forgive us that at times we move too fast, our thoughts race, we feel overwhelmed. Help us have regular times to pray, to worship, to learn, space to think and to ponder. Lord Jesus, you often withdrew from the crowds, to spend time with your heavenly Father. May we also learn from this pattern. Help us not to feel guilty when we don’t connect with you in the way we would wish, when our prayer life seems dry, or we are unsettled. Help us to set aside time to be with You, to trust more deeply in your good purposes for our lives. Every day is a fresh start, so today, we surrender our lives to You, may we hear your voice of love, find your peace, and pray that Your will be done.

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